the blob

So...What exactly is the BLOB?

Quite simply, it's a human launching apparatus designed to send you to the heavens for a brief moment before you careen towards watery nirvana. Others might call it a "human catapult" or "the greatest pillow ever made" but, ultimately, there's only one word to describe it....the BLOB. (Yes, the all caps is necessary.)

The BLOB is a two peopled operation. One jumper plants on one end, while another jumper drops down to launch their friend/teammate into the clouds. Ever popped a ziploc bag? It's like that only you're at the end of it on a lake and the bag doesn't pop, you do. Still confused? Go ahead and google search "Lake Blob". We'll wait...

Yeah. It's like THAT.

The BLOB will be featured during the Blob and Grab Blast and will be available during free time as well. Let's get BLOBBING.