Sponsorship Opportunities

Excitement, laughter and fun help come from sponsors like you.   SXC is seeking sponsorship for our activities, our entertainers, and one dynamic partner to be the overall event sponsor.   No sponsorship is too big or small.  We’re in need of small items too such as welcome bags, wristbands, signage, etc. 

Your branding will be fully apparent on all of the marketing content and promotional materials prior to, during, and after the event including:

  • Our website and flyers
  • Confirmation, reminder and informational emails to our guests
  • SXC t-shirts
  • Welcome materials/agendas
  • Signage/banners.


We want our guests to associate their Alive-ness with your brand and products, and our team will work with you to formulate an imaginative way in which people will look, touch, feel or interact with your brand during our event.   Our goal is to make their entire experience unforgettable.


 What makes us different:

The four pillars of our event that set SXC apart from other festivals or camps:

1.     Inspiration – The experience is one of adventure, an exploration of self.  Our goal is to remind our guests to think, act and play in ways that bring out their inner child.  We hope to inspire playfulness into all of the lives that we touch.

2.     Connectedness – Sharing of time and space in a most unique and memorable way.  Immerse yourself in tribal-like scenarios in which you depend upon your village, and reveal your true inner spirit to create unbreakable bonds with friends, lovers or complete strangers.

3.     Comedy – The typical working adult or parent have drama flying in from all angles.   At SXC, we wrap a comedic blanket around every part of the event, and get people to literally LOL, and reclaim the power of having fun.

4.     Competition – for the average Joe or Joann.  Not everyone is a Sparta or marathon racer, but people do like to use their personality and brains.   Our team challenges allow people to compete physically and mentally, one or the other; they get to choose. 

These four pillars mixed with just the right amount of live entertainment, drinks and good food make for a truly remarkable and memorable experience.


Our commitment is to always support your business ethics and beliefs,

and keep true to your brand as if it were our own.


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