Frequently Asked Questions

Question - What is included with my ticket to SummerXCamp?

Answer - Everything! We believe that you should get everything for your money, it's all inclusive! Your ticket covers the cost of all competitive team activities, all social events, your alcohol (Beer and Wine only), option activities (Ropes Course, Rock Climbing Wall, Yoga, Fitness Classes, Meditation, Canoes/Paddle Boarding, etc), SummerXCamp T-Shirt, all meals (except for day passes), Live Music, and all the Outlandish Fun you can handle!

Question - Can I choose whether I can sleep in a shared cabin or tent?

Answer - Absolutely! We have allocated enough sleeping spots in Cabin's if you choose to share a cabin with other campers or you can choose from one of our amazing tent camping spots in a beautifully wooded section of the camp. If choosing a cabin, SummerXCamp staff will evaluate and assign sleeping accommodations based on groups, age, gender and other needs. 

Cabins are designed to sleep twelve (12) people, our goal is to keep the number at eight (8) people to create a more intimate experience

Question - If I am planning on attending with friends / significant others, can I bunk with them

Answer - Yes, you can! We have allocated discounted tickets for you to bring up to 7 friends and share an exclusive cabin. If it is just you and one or two other people, may sure you book the tickets together at one time so that we can ensure sleep accommodations in the same cabin. 

Question - Do you offer group rates or discounts? Is the cost of the event per person, per team or per couple?

Answer - We do indeed offer a pretty nice discount for groups of 8, which includes an exclusive cabin with bathroom facilities in the cabin, the group ticket includes all events, activities, meals, and beer and wine for the group of 8. You can book on a per person basis, and we will team you up with others for the weekend. You can book 1, 2, 4, or 8 tickets at one time, so it is up to you how many of your crazy friends you want to bring. We are bringing all of our crazy friends, so why can't you?

Question - Can I bring my kids? What is the anticipated age group at SummerXCamp?

Answer - No! The intention of SummerXCamp is designed for people of all ages 21 +, if you are under age, you will not be able to attend SummerXCamp. There is no child care or activities designed for children and will not be suitable for children. We would recommend that you contact the great people at Camp Ton-a-Wandah and talk to them about their children summer camps. 

Question - So there will be beer and wine included? Tell me more about this

Answer - We will be including beer and wine in the cost of the ticket. We will have a "Pub" with DJ and Comedians open after daily activities. The bar will remain open during the evening events until last call (to be determine). We are not offering any liquor, and due to the fact this is a private summer camp that are hosting us, we are asking guest to refrain from bringing any drugs or alcohol to the event. We will not be offering alcohol during the day, as many of the events that we will be host, it would be dangerous to you and other guest if alcohol was included. We can't have drunk guest swimming in the lake or zipping down the zipline wasted! 

Question - Can I just attend during the day and not stay the night?

Answer - If you choose to stay locally at a hotel or live locally, you are welcome to come and go from the camp. Each guest will have a team colored wrist band that will be required for all activities, meals, and entertainment, so you will be required to show your wrist band at all times. If you want to only come during the day and not participate in the team events, we have spectator passes (half-day) that include admission and lunch and we have an all day (Saturday only, including all meals, and entertainment events). 

Question - Is SummerXCamp friendly for Disabled persons or Wheelchair Accessible?

Answer - Camp Ton-A-Wondah does have access to the dining hall and gym area for wheel chairs, however many of the events are in hilly, grassy, and even steep areas and there is no access for Wheelchairs in those areas. We would certainly welcome anyone with any disability, but please do keep in mind that the came does not have ramps in all buildings and our activities are spread out across the camp and will require extensive walking, running and swimming. 

Question - Is this one of those no electronic / cell phone Adult Summer Camps?

Answer - Although we encourage you to leave behind your electronics, we do realize many guest have children and need to stay connected and others use their phones as cameras. We encourage you to take as many pictures and share them across the SummerXCamp social media sites such as our Facebook page, Twitter page, and on Instagram 

Question - Can I bring my dog?

Answer -No animals please, we aim to keep our host camp's facility as clean as possible.