Is it possible to improve your life with fun?

We think so. We like to think of fun as a radical act. Fun awakens the senses, and it changes your point of view. We at Summer X Camp are not paleo-fitness super gurus, but we have a deep respect for the primal notion of play and what play does for body well-being.

If you're confused about this idea, try playing tag with a group of 5th graders. Suddenly, you move in ways you'd never even think of moving in a gym or on a run. Quick dodges followed by short sprints, long out-of-breath walks, and somehow a crooked smile crosses your face. Play encourages us to break our patterns and try new things. Play is for everyone--young and old, tired and energetic, sad and happy. Play, in humans and in many other social animals, fosters bonding, practices skills, and teaches us about ourselves and the way we interact with the world. Through play, we get to sample emotions, movements, and situations less acceptable in normal society. When was the last time you got to say "You're going down!" in an office meeting? Hopefully never. But in play, we get to be bigger than ourselves and use our body in ways necessary to our longevity.

We're not trying to get everyone to run barefoot through the mountains, we just want to let the grass tickle our toes. We're not trying to haul 75 pounds through a swamp, we just want to keep moving until we're over 75. 

Come play. Come excite your inner child. Come join the movement.