More like a Lakie

More like a Lakie

It's official, we live in the age of the Selfie

We hear a lot of people talk down about the selfie, and how bad the self-centered technology culture gets. We think the term has been misconstrued. Sure, a selfie is usually just you and maybe someone else posing for a picture. It's mainly for you. We get that. And maybe that selfie is a good thing, maybe it ain't. Maybe the age of the Selfie means something a little more than that. 

What if we all took a REAL selfie? A genuine and unfiltered look at ourselves. What would you see? After you get the past the first moment or fear and judgement, what do you find? You find a whole person. A one hundred percent human being who, like a diamond, has many facets, many angles, many directions, and, yes, scratches, dents, bruises. There's a mystery there still with pages left to turn. At Summer X Camp, we're looking for the mystery, and we think the best way to find it is through outlandish fun. What reveals more about someone than by what they laugh at, or--better yet--when they choose to laugh? We want every camper to take a real Selfie and find fun inside and out.

Selfies aren't going away any sooner than smartphones, toll booths, or to-do lists, but we have the power to use the Selfie for good and ask ourselves: What do we want?

At Summer X Camp, we want to bring back fun.