Remember when you ran through the woods from imaginary monsters? Remember when you found that secret spot no one else knew about? Remember the last time you stayed out late just to look at the stars? Remember when you took the long way home?

Remember when your number one priority was play?

Let's do that. Let's do that as much as we can. Find your secret hideaway. Run for no reason. Smell like campfire. Play ferociously. Excite your inner child. But remember, Summer X Camp isn't about nostalgia, it's about right now. It's about putting play back into your life. We believe that play is the key to unlocking happiness. Play is the key to destroying burnout, fatigue, and disconnection. Play instantly energizes, brings purpose to action, and makes action sustainable. Is there any way you can start playing right now? Do you have a routine where you can find a little more joy (or any amount at all?). We believe the answer is always yes, and we believe this September you'll get to find out we're right, and that there's way more play in YOU.

It starts with a weekend, and it lasts a lifetime.