team·work (noun): a person's range of skills or abilities

Sharing a view or a victory, a mistake or failure, only makes it more meaningful. That's why Summer X Camp is a both a team event and filled with social time outside of team competition. Daytime camaraderie gives way to social mixers and live entertainment all steps away from your cabin in the woods. Daily free time also allows every camper to share their experience with others. The weekend's team events provide yet another space for sharing.

Every team member is necessary to complete the games and challenges in order to accumulate points towards victory. Some team members will need to be fast, some will need to be puzzlers, riddlers, strategists, or thinkers. Some will need to be creative, and some will need to be quiet doers. Every skill set helps move the team forward. This is no powerlifting obstacle course, nor it is it a math test. This is fantastically fun whole body and mind rewiring. Expect the unexpected. Above all, expect to experience fun!